PlayStation Home

The weird, wacky, Second Life-ish PlayStation Home has made its way in to 10 million homes, announced Sony earlier today.  This coincides with the 1-year anniversary of the launch of the Home open beta.

Recently, a few new themed spaces have popped up, increasing the amount of cool, free stuff to mess around with.  One such space is the new Sodium Hub that lets “Homies” play an interesting  tank-shooter type game, squish robotic scorpions by way of boot and serve fake bar patrons even faker drinks.

I know, it doesn’t sound that great now, but as PlayStation Home establishes itself as a viable platform and attracts more developers, it will become the premier online forum.  Home is the best way for devs to promote their products and create fun, interactive marketing campaigns that are only possible on PlayStation.

PlayStation Home growing and adding more content is something that you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the near future.  It offers-up a unique experience that’s on the cutting-edge right now and is only going to get better.  So if you aren’t one of the 10 million users who use Home, you should think about getting with the program soon.