First of all, I’d like to apologize to any of you who had or are currently having issues with your order taking too long.

I could sit here and write excuses all day long about the perfect storm of manufacturing delays, USPS shipping, next-gen supply and demand, the holidays, blizzards and sick interns but I know that to you, the customer, those kinds of things don’t matter.

Fact is, you put your faith in us to get you your gear on time; and in some cases we missed the mark and failed to meet your expectations.

Everyone here is sick about it and we sincerely apologize.

The good news is that things are finally getting better and most, if not all, issues that were causing delays have been sorted out. All next-gen pre-orders have shipped and all are currently in stock and available.

Over the last couple days I’m even starting to see much more fan love and overall positivity once again as more and more of you guys are getting your stuff in the mail and sending pictures and messages via Twitter. That kind of stuff makes everything feel better and we want to thank you for that—please keep it coming and thanks for sticking with us! We are (and have been) working really hard to make sure that you have your gear in time for Christmas.

In fact, today is the USPS shipping deadline to get you your order by Christmas. If you’re planning to give our gear as a gift, you need to get your order in today by midnight to ensure U.S. delivery before Christmas.

You can use discount code KFXMAS13 today only for 10% off your entire order. As always, shipping is free on U.S. orders over $25.

Happy Holidays!