A Quick Next-Gen Update

2013-12-06 15.29.15

By now there are a bunch of you already sporting your new white Phantoms on your new Xbox One controllers, but I wanted to take a quick second to give everyone else an update.

We began shipping FPS Freek Phantoms a couple days ahead of schedule last week (which was awesome) so if you preordered Phantoms and live in the U.S. you should have them any day now if not already.

Also this week we began shipping Xbox One KontrolFreek Ultra preorders and FPS Freek Sniprs for Xbox One. If you preordered either of these you should have them in about 5-10 business days—international orders can take up to 5 weeks (but it usually doesn’t take quite that long).

If you ordered Xbox One CQC Signatures or the Perfect Arsenal for Xbox One, they will ship out next week.

All PS4 styles are scheduled to begin shipping next week as well, including Perfect Arsenals for PS4. So if you preordered anything for PS4 please just be patient and know that we are manufacturing these bad-boys as fast as we can!

By next Wednesday everything should be readily available and you will no longer need to preorder.

We are sorry for any delays and appreciate everyone’s patience during this next-gen transition.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Yeah was told mine were shipping last week and now being told next week .How about some compensation for our waiting.

    • Sorry, we’ve had some styles ship earlier than anticipated and some had delays. All remaining preorders will be shipped out this week.

  • I ordered mine december 4th when should I expect them to be here I got a email saying it should take 1 business day for your tracking number to update and its tuesday and no update

  • Christopher Gayle

    @Robert Iafoon you’re lucky I was told Nov 29th initially, maybe this is a good product but the service and credibility of their word is just disgusting. Ps4 was released 1st but have to wait 1month later than xbone to ship products. When the ones that I order breaks Im going back to original control , Ive been playing with them for years so…, I would never recommend anyone to purchase from this site.

    • Sorry that you feel this way. We started shipping some styles early but there were some delays with other styles. We are manufacturing as fast as we can! As of today all preorders should be shipped.

  • I go through the whole process of ordering….it wont allow me to ship it to my USA address…saying it doesnt match my credit card…i should have the right to ship it where i want

  • Christopher Gayle

    Dec 10th I got an email stating that product is shipped and a tracking number. Today Dec 12th I get another email saying my order has been delayed slightly due to manufacturing issues but was resolved today and to expect shipping early next week. Everyone in this company are total retarded incompetent douches… Early next week, international shipping *Canada, just next door* takes 3 – 5 weeks… This company is a joke and now I’m wondering if they are scammers. I would advised anyone not to buy from here and I’ll make a youtube video & post the emails I got from these bastards!

    • We sincerely apologize for the multiple delays here. Everything is pretty well sorted now and you should receive your shipping confirmation email early next week.

  • I ordered Dec. 6 and still waiting for the Phantoms for PS4, USPS said they’ll deliver it today Dec. 14 and nothing came just a bunch of mails almost whack the hell out of the mailwoman. So pissed right now.

  • I kno this is crazy I ordered December 4th and still didn’t get my Perfect Arsenal phantoms for the xbox one.. and On USPS it says schedule delivery was today December 16th and I got nothing what’s going on with these people

  • Ordered on the 7th and received on the 16th for xbox one. Couldn’t be happier. Keep in mind it’s new console time and Christmas time. It’s gonna be hard for them to keep up with that demand.

  • @Tanner I ordered before you and I still didn’t receive mines yet doesn’t make sense

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