Be Ready With KontrolFreek for Xbox One & PS4


Over the past few months we’ve been getting tons of questions regarding next-gen consoles and the compatibility of current FPS Freeks.

If you don’t follow us on Twitter (you totally should, BTW) you might not know that your current FPS Freeks WILL NOT fit either the PS4 or Xbox One. Sadly, both Microsoft and Sony have reduced the circumference of their thumbsticks leaving your favorite FPS Freeks so loose that they fall off over and over again until you go insane and super glue them on (which still doesn’t work and ruins your shiny, new next-gen controller so don’t do it). Depressing, huh?

Well, don’t be too depressed. Fortunately for all of us who can’t play without our FPS Freeks, you won’t have to go without for long.

Starting today we are accepting pre-orders for six next-gen FPS Freeks, scheduled to ship November 29th—only about a week or so after the new consoles launch.

Our first next-gen FPS Freeks will include three of our most popular styles including FPS Freek Ultra, FPS Freek Snipr and FPS Freek CQC Signature with more to follow shortly. All three styles will be available for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One so be sure to select the corresponding option at checkout.

Don’t delay. Pre-order today!

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  • is the circumference the same on the xb1 and ps4? i am buying both systems and i would like to buy two sets (cqc and phantom) instead of four

  • Well I’m glad I read this. I had no idea they wouldn’t fit next gen controllers. I guess I would have found out soon though.

    Side note…I really wish every time a new design or color came out it would be available in the short model as well. I’d probably end up buying a short set and standard set to create two mixed sets every time a new design came out. I love these things.

  • Joseph Slowiaczek

    i want these.

  • If you get the bundle for current gen and next gen, do they ship seperately or both on November 29?

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