In our four-part blog post series, “Behind the Grips,” we pull back the curtain and explore each section of the innovative, triple-layered KontrolFreek Grips. Each post will not only cover the unique benefits and properties of that layer, but also the needs and issues that layer is addressing.

For our initial foray, we will dissect the top layer of the KontrolFreek Grips: the honeycomb-embossed proprietary polymer. Our top layer generates three crucial advantages over regular gaming: enhanced grip, moisture-wicking surface, and antimicrobial properties.

Having extensively covered the enhanced grip aspect in PART ONE, we will now focus on how our KontrolFreek Grips deal with electronics greatest enemy, liquids.

All the theoretical grip and friction will mean very little if the surface is compromised by slippery liquids, whether from palm perspiration, pizza grease, or soda. Therefore, we have addressed each of these issues in our meticulous design of KontrolFreek Grips.

Our primary focus was to battle palm perspiration, a.k.a. hand sweat, that arises from intense and prolonged gaming. As noted in the previous blog post (PART ONE), the Honeycomb pattern on the top layer delivers the most efficient amount of grooves for the surface area.

This is fantastic because the grooves also act as moisture-wicking air channels that evaporate and remove water molecules (or any other liquid). And since the honeycomb design fully tessellates (indefinitely interconnecting), every single groove, whether in direct contact with skin or not, has a direct path through the grooves to an open-air channel regardless of where or how you place your hands. This open-air pathway ensures complete and continuous ventilation to every area of the Grips, which results in maximum moisture wicking from the surface of the Grips.

As avid gamers, we know palm perspiration isn’t the only wayward liquid that we encounter while gaming. A splash from a drink, the drip of the sauce, or the sweet grease from a pizza slice, have all, invariably, made their way onto a controller or two at some point in time. However, the proprietary polymer (sorry it’s a trade secret) of the top layer is anti-microbial, and will not absorb any moisture, oil, bacteria, or fungi.

This top layer creates a barrier to prevent these microscopic miscreants from entering the porous middle foam layer, where bacteria and fungus can grow and cause odor. Furthermore, these soluble scoundrels are easily wiped clean off the surface material using regular napkins or paper towels, leaving no residues or slippery surfaces. And if a little BBQ sauce evades your notice and dries up on the Grips (they are moisture-wicking, after-all), a simple damp cloth or paper towel can easily wash away the congealed condiment without damaging the material.

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