Best of Black Ops III: Top 5 Gamers/Commentators You Need to Watch

It’s been a week since Black Ops III launched and we’re glued to our favorite streamers and YouTubers. Now that #TheRace is over, we’re keeping an eye on some legit players and commentators. These guys (and gal) are showing us the best tips, tricks, weapons and more in Black Ops III. Let’s take a look:

5. Erik Kain, Forbes

Kain recently took us down the rabbit hole of Black Ops III, giving us the rundown on campaign, multiplayer and Zombies modes. His insights are on point, and he knows the franchise well. Kain plays a lot of Destiny and other games too, so be sure to catch his articles as they post.

Erik Kain BO3 Blog Image


4. Drift0r

If you’re looking for stats, look no further! Drift0r loves to get granular with his videos, currently running a Call of Duty III In Depth series on his YouTube channel. Watch him play with various guns, foregrips and more while he breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly of all things Black Ops III.

Drift0r Bo3 Blog Image


3. Ms Vixen

A little late to the Black Ops III party, Ms Vixen just downloaded the game a few days ago, but she has specialized in the Call of Duty franchise for years, and has serious chops. She’s mostly nocturnal, so tune into her stream late-night to see her in action. Bonus, she just got Fallout 4, too, so she’ll have lots of new stuff to work with.

Ms Vixen Bo3 Blog Image


2. TmarTN

A long-standing member of FreekNation, TmarTn has been in the game for a long time. He’s so dedicated, he lost a tooth playing Black Ops III in #TheRace this year…then went on to win it. Aside from regular gameplay, he’s posting videos about in-game paint jobs and camo, along with a bunch of other cool extras.

TmarTn Bo3 blog image


  1. Ali-A

What, you’re surprised?? Ali just hit seven million subscribers on his YouTube Channel and with a combo of a winning personality and winning moves, he easily slides into our list at #1. He’s hilarious and he knows his CoD back and front. He’s also doing a YouTube walkthrough of all the campaigns so you can follow along. Check out his progress, you’re sure to learn a lot.

AliA Bo3 Blog Image


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