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The Race is back with Call of Duty: Ghosts!
Everyone’s favorite YouTube personalities are back to bring you a reprise of last year’s fan-favorite marathon stream, The Race. TmarTn, Muzzafuzza, II Jeriicho II, GoldGlove and MrErnestLe have come together once again with the goal of being the first global team to finish Call of Duty: Ghosts with max prestige. Sounds easy, right?

Last year they battled food poisoning and exhaustion to reach max prestige in Black Ops 2 in 7.5 days. Can they beat their own record this year or will their Xbox 360 catch fire and foil their plans? Find out beginning this Monday, Nov. 4th at 12:30 PT / 3:30 ET (a day before Ghosts even hits store shelves!).


Phillip “PHiZZURP”Klemenov

Phillip “PHiZZURP” Klemenov has been considered a legendary Call of Duty professional since 2010. He has been dubbed the “Search and Destroy God” and has been on some well established teams like FeaR—with whom he won a championship in Black Ops and MW3.

In 2012, PHiZZURP created his own team, TaKeover, which had an undefeated record in CoD MW3 for SnD and went 110-0 to hold the crown. TaKeover won over 100 online tournaments and is considered the most accomplished and best SnD team in the history of Call of Duty.

PHiZZURP has been on some other big teams like Influence, FaZe, OpTic Nation, Quantic, Unite and Vanquish—with whom he just won the Elgato 20k championship at UMG Dallas—the largest and last major tournament for Black Ops 2.

Be sure to keep up with PHiZZURP’s career by following him on Twitter and subscribing on YouTube.

Introducing KontrolFreek Phantom
Ready to strike

Watch as Sik Sensei from 2SikTv introduces the all new, all white FPS Freek Phantom, inspired by Call of Duty: Ghosts.

FPS Freek Phantom was explicitly designed to perform in medium-to-long-range combat situations typical of the Call of Duty franchise. The taller (1/2 inch), concave thumbstick adds 40% more linear motion, enhancing precision and…
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“Who just pre-ordered a pair of the @KontrolFreek Ultra for the @Xbox One? This guy did! Now I just have to wait. #waitingsucks”

KontrolFreek for Next-Gen Consoles

The next generation of consoles is almost here!

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