E3 2009

We’re excited to have been at this year’s E3 convention and get a glimpse of what’s to come for the year in the world of gaming.ᅠ I am happy to say that we met a lot of KontrolFreek fans as well as made some new friends in Los Angeles this past week.

So here’s the scoop – lots of new games, but mostly sequels to major titles that we already know.ᅠ It’s not to say that there is no innovation happening (seemed like EA and Ubisoft are making moves), but it’s safe to say that the big boys are focused on making more of existing brands than venturing out and taking major risks.

From the KontrolFreek standpoint, it’s good either way as FPS titles seemed to be pretty popular and sought after as indicated by those waiting in line to catch a sneak peak.ᅠ The HALO 3 ODST booth had a pretty steady line the whole time we were there, but the main thing we enjoyed were the KontrolFreek fans we were able to connect with in line.

These guys were awesome and we’re thrilled we had the time to spend with them.ᅠ Our fans have been a great source for our motivation and providing us feedback on improving and directing the future of our products.

Overall, we had a great time and want to keep people in the know of what’s coming from your team at KontrolFreek.

P.S. Stayed tuned, more to come in the next few weeks…