After E3 this year there were three games that, collectively, we couldn’t get out of our heads—Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny and Evolve. They were absolutely awesome at E3 and we can’t wait to play them all. It’s too bad we’ll have to wait a while longer.

So, in order to make the wait even more painful, we’ve decided to give away three “Summer Pre-Order Game Bundles” to three lucky fans.

It’s kinda like rubbing salt in an open wound or making your friend who lost his arm in a shark attack sit and watch Shark Week in 3D.

Anyhoo, this is your chance to win ALL THREE of this year’s most-anticipated releases, DestinyEvolve and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PLUS two of our best selling products (CQC & Elite) AND a hard-to-get KontrolFreek logo t-shirt.

Combined, this Summer Pre-Order Game Bundle is valued at over $200 and we have THREE of them to give away! Three! THREE!

The only problem is, if you win, you’ll still need to wait for the release dates like everyone else, but at least you’ll be ready with your pre-orders and have something cool to look forward to.

Oh, and for a limited time you can get 10% off anything at by using discount code KFSUMMER14

Enter here:

Good luck!