Ahoy FreekNation!

As you have probably figured out by now, our Call of Duty devotion knows no bounds. Every year we create a new FPS Freek just for fans of the series and it’s usually our most detailed, best performing and most badass. This year is no different.

FPS Freek Phantom is this year’s nod to everybody’s favorite first-person shooter, Call of Duty, and was inspired by the theme of Infinity Ward’s latest iteration, Ghosts. The intricate white-on-white, laser-etched design is hauntingly beautiful, rugged and offers an exceptional amount of grip.

FPS Freek Phantom was explicitly designed to perform in medium-to-long-range combat situations typical of the Call of Duty franchise. The taller (1/2 inch), concave thumbstick adds 40% more linear motion, enhancing precision and control to improve accuracy and comfort during marathon Prestige sessions. With these benefits, you can get the most out of every weapon type and take your K/D ratio to the next level.

Phantom is available now for $13.99 for Xbox 360 and PS3 but can be preordered for PS4 and Xbox One. For a limited time we are also offering current and next-gen Phantom bundles for $19.99 (57% savings!) so you can be ready to make the transition when the new consoles launch later this year.