Last week’s Gamescom was full of new game trailers, expansions and announcements. Fresh titles, returning AAA franchises, eSports— every gamer at every level had something to be excited about. And there was a lot of hype around the show too. In fact, MCV reported that “345,000 people attended the Cologne-based trade show, an increase of 10,000 on last year’s attendance figures.” We think that deserves a fist bump. Go ahead, bump that screen, guys.

Also, according to a super-official KontrolFreek office poll (which may or may not have been conducted standing around the Keurig®) our crew is most excited about Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and FIFA 16- and here’s why you should be too…

Star Wars: Battlefront ‘Fighter Squadron’ Mode

This new aerial-vehicle-only multiplayer mode is everything your Star Wars heart needs to finally seal the deal. TIE fighters, A-wings, X-wings, the Millennium Falcon— these are the ships you’re looking for. Trust us, it’s going to be epic.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

The first Mirror’s Edge had us seeing red as we guided the acrobatic Faith over rooftops and through skyscrapers. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst looks like it will push the envelope even further—and parkour-minded gamers will feel that familiar rush of finding creative ways to outsmart and outrun the bad guys.


This office-favorite includes a new draft system, pre-season tournaments, Training Mode— and for the first time ever— 12 women’s national teams. We’re psyched about the tweaks to the transfer window and scouting experience too and the possibility of real-time stats, overlays, team chants, weather conditions and time of day make our heads tingle a little.

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