That’s right, guys. We’re back with another round of Behind the Design with our very own creative director, Brandon Turney to discuss the FPS Freek Galaxy.

In 2015, we got a lot of inspiration from Call of Duty. After releasing three licensed designs, we wanted to make sure that other shooter games felt the love, too. Looking at the 2015 fall releases of Halo 5, Star Wars™ Battlefront™ and Destiny, we knew we wanted to design something that would pay homage to these space games. Even more than that, we wanted to make the product different from anything we’ve ever done before.

So, Brandon sat down and went over Halo, Star Wars and Destiny gameplay and images, and finally found inspiration – believe it or not – in a picture of a spaceship engine from one of the games. Brandon explains how he went from looking at an engine design to designing the Galaxy, arguably the grippiest product in the KontrolFreek lineup:

Q: How did you come up with the design for the FPS Freek Galaxy?
A: There was an engine on a spacecraft in Star Wars Battlefront that I thought looked very cool. I took the basic shapes that made up the engine and merged them with designs inspired by the other games, like the ghost from Destiny. Since all the games are set in space, there were a lot of common themes, so I was able to sketch out the design quickly after that.

Q: Why did you want to make a grippier product?
A: It’s always our intent to make something with an exceptional grip. One of our objectives is to create products that are performance-driven, and part of that performance includes the amount of grip that the product can have.

Q: What is it that makes the Galaxy so grippy?
A: The contrasting pattern, deep laser etching and high ridges make it extremely tactile. We’re always trying to innovate our own products and make them more comfortable. We knew the higher etching would add a lot more grip. If you look at the design, the triangles and patterns allowed us to get very deep with the etching, making the grippier product you have today!

Q: Why Purple?
A: I’m not going to lie, there was an audience request for purple, since we’ve never had a purple thumbstick. We also just looked at colors from THE Galaxy (like the real one that we live in), then looked at the galaxies that Halo and Destiny designed for their games. You actually see a lot of purple there. There is a lot of blue, too, but instead of staying safe and just sticking with a blue palette, we took a chance on the purple.

Q: Will we see deeper laser-etching in future KontrolFreek products?
A: That’s dictated somewhat by the design. So, in this case, some of the shapes lent themselves to different degrees and angles for the deeper etching. In some cases that might not be called for, like if we’re working on a very detailed design similar to the Jugger-Nog. Deeper laser etching might take away from the design and higher etching might be uncomfortable on your thumbs – which we do not want! As long as we’re designing for grip and comfort, we’re going to keep pushing.

We’re planning a lot of exciting designs for 2016, but we’re always open to suggestions from our audience. We love to see customers’ ideas on Facebook, Twitter or (hint, hint) in the blog comments!