With Christmas apparently only 15 days away, itメs probably about time for you to put down the controller and get out there and shop.ᅠ You knowラdeal with traffic, work through the crowds, worry about stressed-out moms hitting you, being verbally abused by cashiers at their breaking-pointsラshop.ᅠ You have to do it, right?

Wrong!ᅠ You could just buy everyone on your list a pair of FPS Freeks and never leave your house!ᅠ Not only will your friends love you for it, they will get tons more use out of them than any scented candle or lotion set (not really sure why I chose either of those gifts, Iメm usually much better at giving gifts than that).

For $9.99, FPS Freeks give you a lot of bang for your gift-giving buck.ᅠ KontrolFreek products make perfect stocking-stuffers and are great for friends or モSecret Santaメsヤ who you donメt want to spend a lot of money on.

So, be a hero.ᅠ Give the gift of more kills.ᅠ Give them KontrolFreek.