Itメs like I said the other day, モSecrets are hard to keep these days.ヤᅠ All it takes is a quick picture and an email from somebodyメs Blackberry to get the whole world talking.ᅠ This time itメs Bungie in the middle of the frenzyラand they are not happy.ᅠ Community members from Bungieメs official forums are getting banned for even a mention of these blurry shots of the forthcoming Halo Reachラpretty much confirming the authenticity of the photos.

Iメm not going to speculate on anything that I see in the shots in fear of Bungieメs secret police coming to my house and taking me away, so Iメll leave all prognosticating to you.ᅠ One thing I will say, though, is that it looks awesome, and I canメt wait!