Introducing FPS Freek Inferno!

Blaze past the competition in a flaming ball of glory with Inferno. Perfect for all shooter or action-based games, these high-rise, concave thumbsticks are fully equipped to up your game no matter what kind of shootouts you get into. Laser-etched with our classic spiral pattern and crafted in a blazing red, Inferno is always locked, loaded and ready to rain fire down upon your enemies.

When the game heats up, you have to be hotter than your competition –¬†Inferno¬†has your back in the face of enemy fire. Coming in at 10.4mm, FPS Freek Inferno is the ideal thumbstick to use in first- and third-person shooter games, increasing range of motion by more than 115% for increased accuracy and precision.

Want even more from KontrolFreek? We’ve also just launched a new color option for the fan-favorite FPS Freek Galaxy – Pristine White! Check it out now!