Today we‘re thrilled to introduce you to the new KontrolFreek® FPS Freek® Galaxy! We’re super proud of the design and can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

What is FPS Freek Galaxy though, and how is it different?

Well, you can think of Galaxy as KontrolFreek’s love letter to first-person space shooters like Destiny, Halo and even a certain space opera set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Our inspiration for the original design came from the three aforementioned universes, plus, just our overall love for the sci-fi genre in general. The beautiful purple-on-silver color scheme and original laser-etched design offer exceptional grip, comfort and an extremely tactile feel. As we mentioned, Galaxy truly exhibits our love for the space genre and stands up to the grueling demands of competitive online play in games like Destiny: The Taken King, Halo 5: Guardians and the exciting new Star Wars Battlefront.

Let’s talk about sticks, baby…

FPS Freek Galaxyfeatures two different stick sizes—similar to our popular FPS Freek Vortex. In the case of Galaxy, however, both sticks are concave.

The high-rise stick adds 10.4mm of height to your controller’s right analog stick, increasing range of motion up to 136%. This increase in range translates to better control and directly improves in-game aim and accuracy.

The lower profile mid-rise stick adds a negligible 5.7mm of height to your controller’s left analog stick.  This shorter stick is designed to add grip and comfort to your left thumbstick while increasing your ability to control your on-screen character.

With one high-rise stick designed for aim and accuracy on your right stick, and one shorter, mid-rise stick for extra grip and comfort on your left, this combination translates to better control, precision and is perfect for just about any away mission.

We think you’re really going to love it! Get it now.