gears of war controller

Greetings proud Gears of War fans and esteemed members of FreekNation!


It seems like a long time since Randall Rolfe submitted his winning design for our “You Be the Judge” design contest back in March (and you know what they say about waiting).


Well, the wait is finally over.


We’d like to introduce you to the brand new and beautifully familiar FPS Freek Justice! We’re pretty excited about it and hope that you are too.


FPS Freek Justice was inspired by Gears of War: Judgment and brought to life by you, the GOW community. The design was chosen out of hundreds of submissions captured during our “You Be the Judge: GOW FPS Freek Design Contest” last March.


FPS Freek CQC Justice was explicitly designed for Gears of War and other third-person shooters where combat can get up close and personal. The shorter CQC platform is perfect for these types of shooters, giving you more accuracy and precision without sacrificing the quick movements necessary to down your foes.


Justice’s thumb pad surface employs a soft and comfortable rubberized grip and features a laser-etched concave design that proudly salutes the Gears of War franchise. This makes it a must-have for GOW fanboys and collectors.


You already voted for it so we hope you agree that Justice is one of our best FPS Freeks yet!