We recently announced the three recipients of the KontrolFreek Collegiate eSports Scholarship and thought you might want to learn a little bit more about them! First up is Noah Pumphrey!

Noah is from Connersville, IN. and is currently studying Computer Information Technology and Japanese at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Currently the mid-laner on the IUPUI League of Legends team, Noah has participated in and hosted many tournaments. He was even offered an opportunity to work with Tespa eSports. Noah is also playing this year on the IUPUI Overwatch team, so he’s got a busy year ahead of him!

In high school, Noah played in the marching band and was on the swim team – but when Noah’s friends told him about League of Legends, he was instantly hooked, and the rest is history.

Noah Pumphrey

“I listened to stories from friends about League of Legends for an entire year when I was a sophomore in high school,” he said.Eventually, I decided to try the game out and I fell in love with it.”

A month before starting at IUPUI, Noah received a job in the campus IT building, coincidentally where the League of Legends team meets. Not expecting to get on the team, he decided to try out and managed to land a spot as a mid-laner.

When Noah isn’t hitting the books or competing in League of Legends and Overwatch, he enjoys casually gaming with his friends and swimming. While he is studying computer information technology, his dream job would be becoming a leader in the eSports community, either at the collegiate or developer level.

Like most gamers, there are many aspects about gaming that keep Noah active. But, his favorite part is the gaming community itself:

“It’s not exclusive like many other activities. There’s not only one certain type of person that can enjoy it. Everyone gets an equal starting ground and then they work to improve. There’s no high entry cost or small clique of people you have to interact with.”

We agree with you, Noah! The gaming community is pretty great.

With his friends and family being supportive of his participation in the competitive gaming world, Noah plans to continue using his passion to help grow eSports professionally.

Congratulations Noah and all the other KontrolFreek Collegiate eSports Scholarships recipients! We are honored to help support the eSports community and help our collegiate gamers achieve their goals. Stay tuned next time as we meet another KontrolFreek Scholarship recipient, Daphne Jin!

Want to see more of Noah and his team? Check out their Twitter and Twitch channel!