Today, we are proud to introduce a new limited-edition Call of Duty thumbstick, FPS Freek Call of Duty Black Ops III! This exciting new FPS Freek is the result of a partnership between KontrolFreek, Activision and Treyarch—the developers of Black Ops III.

Being able to work directly with Treyarch on this project afforded us the opportunity to create an FPS Freek explicitly designed for the rigors and demands of Black Ops III. Collaborating with the individuals who were actually developing the game provided us with expert guidance and insight that we otherwise would not have had. The result is an exceptional product that’s a must-have for Call of Duty players and KontrolFreek fans.

For the design, we focused on popular Call of Duty imagery that would provide the performance that KontrolFreek is known for. The result is a striking and unmistakable “Call of Duty” design. The black-on-black thumbstick features the now-iconic S.O.G. skull from the Black Ops franchise. Not only does the skull look really rugged and tough, the edges of the skull provide outstanding grip, while the bowl-shaped surface delivers comfort for marathon gaming sessions.

We also chose to give the sticks our popular “dual-height” treatment made famous by our best-selling FPS Freek Vortex. The FPS Freek Black Ops III, however, includes one mid-rise stick which provides extra grip and comfort and one high-rise stick which provides increased control and accuracy for your aiming stick that are both concaved.

As longtime Call of Duty fans who are constantly striving to improve, we’re confident that we’ve created an essential Black Ops III controller addition that will enhance your game and give you a competitive edge.

We hope you love it as much as we do. Get it now!