We know it’s been a busy week with tons of exciting announcements coming out of E3, but if your brain can handle one more, we have an announcement of our own that we’d like to share with you.

Today we are publically unveiling KontrolFreek Grips. We’ve been testing and working on Grips for about two years now, so we’re glad to finally be able to talk about them with you.

KontrolFreek Grips are advanced add-on controller grips engineered for current-gen console owners who want better grip and comfort from first-party controllers.

KontrolFreek Grips utilize an innovative moisture-wicking combination of materials to achieve enhanced grip and maximum comfort. Our honeycomb-stamped outer layer maximizes grip while optimizing airflow to wick away moisture. The middle layer creates a feel much like dense memory foam, conforming to your palm and providing more support and comfort the harder you game. This proprietary combination offers maximum breathability and keeps hands and palms cool during marathon gaming sessions.

Does this sound overly complicated and science-y? It is. But don’t worry. Over the next week we’ll be writing a series of short blog posts that talk about the science behind our proprietary triple-layer compound in more detail.

For now, just know that KontrolFreek Grips give you MORE GRIP, LESS SLIP!