Congratulations to the 2017 recipients of our KontrolFreek Collegiate eSports Scholarship!

Announced in April, the KontrolFreek Collegiate eSports Scholarship had hundreds of registrants on the site, but when it came down to it, we could only choose a few recipients – and here they are!

KontrolFreek’s scholarship coordinator chose the cream of the crop from our applicants, and came out with three standout players from around the U.S. All three of our recipients will receive $3,000 in scholarship funds towards tuition and other school expenses. This year marks the first ever KontrolFreek scholarship, and we have to say we’re thrilled with our winners! We can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish this year in gaming and in school.

Without further ado, the 2017 KontrolFreek eSports Scholarship Winners are:

  • Daphne Jin: Sophomore – UCLA – League of Legends
  • Eddy Su:  Freshman – University of Washington – League of Legends
  • Noah Pumphrey: Junior – Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis – League of Legends and Overwatch

In the coming weeks, we’ll post a blog on all three of our recipients, so stay tuned to get to know our fantastic new KontrolFreek Scholarship winners!