Yesterday we were finally able to show the world what we’ve been excited about and working on in secret for the past few months… The new KontrolFreek® FPS Freek® Call of Duty® Black Ops III Reveal Edition!

This is the second in a series of officially-licensed KontrolFreek Call of Duty products that will be created this year in collaboration with Call of Duty and Treyarch.

It features the game’s signature orange on black color scheme and a bold, laser-etched Black Ops III logo. This beautiful stick add-on stays true to the franchise and offers the performance you’ve come to expect from KontrolFreek.

A must have for Call of Duty fans who want to elevate their game, this FPS Freek was built to meet the aggressive, fast-paced demands of Black Ops III and will only be available for a limited time.

FPS Freek Call of Duty® Black Ops III Reveal Edition is ready to dominate in medium-to-long-range confrontations typical of the Call of Duty franchise. This high-performance gaming accessory adds 10.4mm of height to your controller’s analog sticks, generating 136% more range of motion. As you already know, this translates to better control and directly improves precision and accuracy.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Black Ops III Reveal Edition and would love to hear what you guys think about the design and what you thought of yesterday’s big announcement. Tell us in the comments.

Reveal Edition is available right now for $17.99.