The New York Times recently published a little product guide for “would-be gaming stars” featuring some of the best gaming accessories we already know and love, but most people who read the Times probably don’t. It features such must-have products as Gunnar Optiks, gaming headsets from ASTRO and Turtle Beach, Elgato’s HD60 and KontrolFreek Alpha.

According to the Times: “Thumbsticks, those tiny joysticks on console controllers, allow users 360-degree movement in a game. But their diminutive size can be a drawback, making it easy to overshoot a target or underestimate a sharp turn with the flick of a thumb.

At one-tenth of an inch high, KontrolFreek’s Alpha thumbstick extenders don’t seem like much, but they do help increase a player’s range of motion. It’s a slight advantage, but it does improve accuracy, which can be crucial when you’re shooting zombies or racing aliens. Designed for the Xbox One and PS4, the Alpha thumbstick extenders have a nubby surface to decrease slippage, helping players stay in the game.”

I’m not 100% sure which alien racing game they’re playing over there, but I’m positive Alpha would help win the golden space trophy…

It’s flipping awesome to be featured in the New York Times and we’re honored to be mentioned alongside these other great gaming accessories.