Pro-Gamers, including $100,000 Grand Prize Champ Sign On To Support GamingInnovators

                                         Kelly Kelley                                         Jamal Nickens                                         Mark Smith

KontrolFreek today announced that it had landed professional gamers Kelly Kelley, Jamal Nickens, and current Ultimate Gamer champion Mark “applesauce” Smith, of the World Cyber Games (WCG) Ultimate gamer as spokespersons.

Kelley, Nickens and Smith are the first spokespersons in a series of announcements KontrolFreek plans to make in the coming months as they announce new innovations for the gaming community.  KontrolFreek’s products have been openly accepted by both serious and casual gamers who appreciate adding competitive advantage to comfort in their gaming products choices.

Specifically, KontrolFreek’s patent pending FPS Freek is a controller attachment that increase a gamer’s accuracy in first-person shooters (FPS) like Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty. Designed and tested by professional gamers, the FPS Freek attachment simply snaps over the existing Xbox and PS3 analog sticks, adding 40% more linear distance from full stop to stop – enhancing aiming precision and increasing overall game performance.

“When you’re playing to win, it’s important to be comfortable while taking advantage of products that are available on the market,” said Mark “applesauce” Smith. Adding, “And competing in gaming tournaments is about winning. The FPS Freek add-on’s for my controllers gives me more precision. Simply put, I wouldn’t play without it.”

Designed to give gamers more leverage, the FPS Freek offers increased precision without disturbing the natural game-playing feel. “When you compete at a professional level, the difference between winning and losing can come at a high price,” said Kelly Kelley. “With the affordable KontrolFreek Sticks, I get the perfect advantage to my play style and game.”

In addition to the FPS Freek, KontrolFreeks’ patent pending SpeedFreek gives gamers added control and comfort when playing racing and aviation games. The SpeedFreek’s unique design allows gamers to relax their thumbs while keeping in constant contact with the controller. The SpeedFreek’s supporting slide walls enable sharper movements while adding control and precision. “There’s nothing worse than having your fingers slip off the controls during a competition,” said Jamal Nickens. “When I use the SpeedFreek I don’t have to worry about that happening.”

KontrolFreek spokesperson Ashish Mistry welcomed the announcement saying, “we’re simply thrilled to have such a great crew of pro-gamers behind us.  It lends even more credibility to our company, products, and industry innovation.  We look forward to sharing more good news in the time to come.”

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