Today we are happy to announce five exciting partnerships with some of the world’s top eSports organizations.

FaZe Clan

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FaZe Clan is one of the most prestigious gaming teams in the world, with a presence in eSports and social media that is truly uncontested. FaZe Clan has also begun to explore new ventures in music, fitness & lifestyle in order to provide a variety of excellence for their 3 million devoted subscribers; a following that is the largest among all other gaming organizations. FaZe Clan is represented by their numerous directors and top-tier professional gamers, each of which have built their own fan base and have experienced repeated success in the largest gaming tournaments across the globe. FaZe Clan’s name & brand is one that is recognized and respected by both recreational and professional gamers, and is one that will continue to stand tall as one of the faces of the gaming community.


Denial eSports

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Denial eSports was formed in 2013 with the goal to become one of the premier multi-gaming eSports organizations in North America. As an organization they’ve grown to battle the ever changing landscape that is eSports by selectively entering games that show potential in both growth and industry. Denial is home to some of the best teams in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, DotA2, and Halo.


Team Kaliber

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Team Kaliber was founded in 2013 by several members of the Call of Duty community. From the quickly growing competitive scene to absolutely massive social community, Team Kaliber’s backbone is built by key members from each side of the spectrum.

Team Kaliber’s primary focus is, and always will be, competitive eSports. Establishing ourselves early on within the competitive Call of Duty community, our team and its members have found nothing but success. With a roster that consists of Sharp tK, Goonjar tK, Theory, and Loony tK, Team Kaliber has secured top placements in every participated event thus far.



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Founded in 2012, Team eLevate is a North American based professional eSports organization and limited liability company, fielding some of the top teams in the world. The organization is dedicated to improving the development of the eSports industry and the skills of the players within. eLevate specializes in team management and player skill progression, with a desire to excel at any game they compete in. Our goal is to provide effective marketing to companies/organizations through eSports competition.


Integral Nation

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Australian in origin, global in prospect. Integral is a professional, multinational gaming organization with teams competing in Call of Duty and Counter Strike. The CoD team will be traveling to CoD Champs this year and includes Bundo, Hoju, Quizn, and Vilesyder.


Four of these five teams will be competing at next week’s 2015 Call of Duty® Championship in L.A. where they’ll each be gunning for a piece of that $1 Million purse.