Mo-Battle_v2 The 5 winners are:

  • Haisum S. from London, United Kingdom
  • Colin R. from Phoenix, Arizona
  • Aaron A. from Levittown, Pennsylvania
  • Jared D. from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Mallory B. from Mobile, Alabama

Each winner will receive a $20 KontrolFreek E-Gift Card. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who participated! Oh, almost forgot… here are the results of the “Best Video Game Mustache” vote:

  1. Mario with 397 votes. He’s obviously the king of facial fur, so no surprise there. Suck it, Luigi.
  2. Captain John Price with 245 votes. A strong effort and a nice pair of military whiskers for sure.
  3. Solid Snake with 83 votes. We expected a better showing for him. Perhaps his stealthy nature hurt him here?
  4. Sergeant Avery Johnson with 50 votes. Disappointed with 4th place, Johnson commented, “This is it, baby. Hold me.”
  5. Soda Popinski with 22 votes. I guess no one cares about an old, washed-up sodaholic.
  6. Mike Haggar with 10 votes. What? Are you kidding? Look at that caterpillar! You’re all insane.