KontrolFreek’s PS4 Galore Winners Announced!

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The 6 lucky winners are:


Each winner will receive a PS4 Console Bundle valued at over $500! Prize Pack includes a PlayStation 4 console, Perfect Arsenal Phantom, StickerPack Combo, CleanFreek, KontrolFreek Shield and a 3-month Loot Crate subscription plan.

We will be emailing all above winners shortly—so if you’re one of them please be on the lookout for that.

For the rest of you, you can still be winners (sort of) by taking advantage of these special offers below:

Use coupon code KFPS4G to get 10% off anything at KontrolFreek.com right now.*

Use coupon code KONTROL for 10% off any plan at LootCrate.com for a limited time.

Congrats again to the 6 winners and thanks to all who participated!

P.S. We have even more big giveaways coming later this year so be sure to keep up with us by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

*Coupon expires May 16th.

43 comments On KontrolFreek’s PS4 Galore Winners Announced!

  • Whats new there. All from the US. One from Australia.

  • Jose Saavedra (@ho_zay661)

    Congrats to all you winners. Can’t say I’m not a little jelly…enjoy your PS4 and you loot crates.

  • Congrats out to everyone that won have fun and keep up the gaming.

  • Any giveaways and deals 14 year old son we need help disabled too no child support he’s only got me

    • And like always, didn’t win a damn thing… And no one in Europe won. at all :(

      • yeah as always… btw i live in norway and i had a good feeling cuz it is my birthday today but well as you said, NO one from europe won at all

    • So you are looking for free giveaways and asking the internet for help when you should be supporting your ‘child’ by definitely not asking the internet for giveaways. I don’t understand some people and this makes me think that you just made up this story in an attempt to get a free ps4.

  • This is garbage! Those people are all probably rich and can afford more than one ps4! Give the other people a chance and re-draw!

    • Wow, you must be able to instantly tell someone’s affluence over the internet? How about stop judging because knowing that only 6 people won out of Thousands who entered, you should have known that your odds of winning were very low. And IF they re-drew and it still wasn’t you, your comment would change one bit now would it?

    • What is wrong with some people. We need a new plague.

    • I’m sorry I’m sorry I don’t see you giving away 6 $500 bundles + atleast they are giving away stuff. And do u realise how many people entered especially in USA. Maybe you were unlucky

  • Well theres a shock no one from the uk. Usa and oz

  • I live in santa ana ,ca 2

  • Big Booty Judy

    Congrats to all (: Best of luck next time <3

  • As I said from a previous comment on the Kontrol Freeks blog Congratulations Tom G, Tanner K, Tyler S, Mario Q, Reese L and Michelle S… I was praying that I would win but oh well.. The Kontrol Freaks chosen ones have been spoken.. Thanks Kontrol Freaks for this awesome giveaway :)

  • uriel Ramirez

    Congrats all Winners, At least someone From IL won.

  • im never buying control freek again im so pissed

    • you couldn’t have possibly thought that you would win did you? Thousands of people entered your odds were very very low.

    • Are you kidding me your not going to buy anything from kontrolfreaks just because you did not win they gave 6 ps4 bundles away and they gave you a chance to win one of them show some respect and lighten up sunshine

  • Elder Ramirez

    I don’t know why I even went for this if the odds were against me and most of us

    • i knew i wouldnt win but it was worth a try. wish i won , but congrats people who won!

  • Am not bothed that I didn’t win but congrats to the people did and thanks kontrolfreeks for the giveaway

  • Angel Sanchez

    Oh man I never win these the odds are always against me oh well congrats winners

  • I won’t buy anything Krontol Freek because I never won anything. How greedy is.

  • Thanks to Kontrol Freek! and their partners for the cool contest and for choosing me as a winner. I’ve been entering these for a while and never won. Today is an Epic Win! Thanks again!

    • Thousands, possibly tens of thousands, maybe even millions of entries and people are mad because they haven’t won? The world is SO unfair. Get a job, save your money. $25 a month and you’ll have enough for the slim version next year.

  • I never win :(

  • Michael Caleb Z

    Come on guys a chance is a chance and they gave us one, i don’t know how they chose the winner but congratulations to all 6 of them. Hopefully next time we’ll get to win.

  • I call dibs on any returned boxes… please… Congrats to the lucky winners.. Pleasant gaming. .. I will join the elite group one day of owning a ps4.. one day..

  • Michael Caleb Z

    Come on guys a chance is a chance and we’re lucky KontrolFreek even gave us one. I don’t know how they chose the 6 winners but still congratulations to them hopefully they enjoy the PS4 Bundles as much as we’d do. There’s always a next time everybody!

  • Let’s all complain that a company put their own time and money into this huge and generous giveaway because 5 out of 6 winners were from the USA. Wow kontrol freek you guys are the worst for doing this to us (sarcasm).

  • Hope for the best and if it doesn’t work out life goes on.

  • Thank you so much KontrolFreek ! I’ve never won anything in my life till now ! This is a prefect late Mother’s Day present ! Thank you ! 😀

  • Well theres a shock no one from Puerto Rico. Why people that lives in P.R. never win. But still Congratulations TO ALL SIX OF THE WINNERS. Thanks for the chance kontrollfreek but the next time pliss don’t pick almost all the winners from US.

  • Probably used multiple accounts to enter into the contest


    • Why do you have to put a fake name and pretend you’re me? What do you gain from that?

  • Thanks KontrolFreek, great birthday present! 😀

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