KontrolFreek’s Summer Score Winners Announced!


The 3 lucky winners are:

  • Damonte J. from Seattle, WA
  • Kevin J. from Los Angeles, CA
  • Alvin K. from Toronto, ON


Each winner will receive ALL THREE of this year’s most-anticipated releases, DestinyEvolve and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PLUS two of our best selling products (CQC & Elite) AND a hard-to-get KontrolFreek logo t-shirt. Combined, this Summer Pre-Order Game Bundle is valued at over $200.

We will be emailing all above winners shortly—so if you’re one of them please be on the lookout for that.

For the rest of you, you can still be winners (sort of) by taking advantage of the special offer below:

Use coupon code KFSUMMER14 to get 10% off anything at KontrolFreek.com right now.*

Congrats again to the 3 winners and thanks to all who participated!

P.S. We have even more big giveaways coming this year so be sure to keep up with us by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

*Coupon expires August 9th.

32 comments On KontrolFreek’s Summer Score Winners Announced!

  • Why the hell would you guys make thousanfs maybe even millions enter this sweepstake if your only picking THREE you just wasted so much time for every other pesrson. But congratulations to the THREE winners you must be pretty fuckn lucky.

  • Yo this is corny smh how only people from the west coast were chosen. No love to my east coast people

    • Uhh….don’t know where you learned Geography, but crack open a map and take a look where Toronto is.


  • why let millions of ppl enter from all over the world and pick 3 from only america? if i knew i wouldnt win at all cus i life in europe, i would never had entered and shared it with my friends, who also entered

  • why is everyone complaining that only 3 people won? The fact that they even gave anyone an opportunity to get a free game is more than they had to do. Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you have to complain about it.

  • Now we can all reluctantly mass unsubscribe from their twitter, youtube, instagram, and facebook!

  • People in Europe never win these giveaways

  • I wonder if someone in England can win and if so would kontrolfreek still send the goods.

  • Y would u guys even enter. Don’t enter no more giveaways if u can’t handle the results and PLZ stop bitching everyone!!!!!

  • Congrats guys!!!!!!! Good competition guys it was fun trying congrats to the winners can’t wait for next, good job Control freaks it was really fun and exciting. :)

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  • awwwh! ): well, congrats to those winners… but if they dont accept it.. please do give it to me :3

  • a f cking bitch

    The fact that they are from big cities is just not fair

  • I’m not complaining but they should at least make it to like maybe 50 people so there is a higher chance of people getting it instead of 3 really lucky people

  • I used to like KontrolFreek but now no more you have just lost my respect by not giving a prize pack to someone in Australia but there’s a positive now we can unsubscribe to everyone we had to so we could enter yay thanks for wasting our time KontrolFreek oh P.S CONGRATS TO THE F****** WINNERS

  • Omg people! Please don’t enter if you are just going to be a sore loser and as far as no winners from Austraila. You might want to check your facts before you make yourself look stupid. Two giveaways ago they had a winner from Austraila. I won a prize pack earlier this year and my fellow winners were from the uk and Austraila. So just because this one giveaway (out of many) didn’t have an Australian winner doesn’t mean “people from Austraila never win”. Oh and by the way I am from a small town so it’s not just large cities that they give prizes to. Thank you so much control freak for giving us the opportunity to win wonderful prizes!

  • And by the way. The Ali-A giveaway had four winners from Austrailia and the ps4galore giveaway had a winner from Austraila as well.

  • [//NAME_ERROR]

    Welp, congrats to those who one, enjoy your games you lucky bastards. XD

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