All-pro safety Troy Palamalu, who shares this yearメs cover of Madden with Larry Fitzgerald, went down Thursday night with a sprained ligament during a game versus the Tennessee Titans.  The shaggy-haired Steeler may be out anywhere from three to six weeksラadding yet another name to the long list of Madden cover-stars whoメve been injured during their year on the box:

2010: Troy Palamalu ヨ out three to six weeks

2008: Vince Young ヨ out one game

2007: Shaun Alexander ヨ out six games

2006: Donovan McNabb ヨ out seven games

2005: Ray Lewis ヨ out one game

2004: Michael Vick ヨ out eleven games (also kicked dogs and stuff)

2003: Marshall Faulk ヨ out for six games

2002: Daunte Culpepper ヨ out five games

As you can see, the モCover Curseヤ is real!  And besides Brett Favreメs escape from harm in 2009 (unless being a pain in the *ss counts), no one is safe!  Beware Larry Fitzgeraldナ