I don’t know if any of you are as excited as I am to return to the far-reaches of space with Commander Shepard and the rest of the SSV Normandy crew, but you should be.  I remember the first time I slipped through subspace via mass relay to end up in another galaxy.  I was freaking ecstatic.  Being a long-time fan of all things space, Mass Effect immersed me in to the universe in a way few games ever have.  It was just too bad controlling the Mako after 3 drinks sucked so badly.

Anyway, check out this new 3-minute trailer that popped up on the internet yesterday.  If you saw the teaser-trailer last week you could fast-forward to the last minute-or-so for the all-new action-y bits, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  If at the end you aren’t excited to play Bioware’s sequel to one of the best RPG’s in the last few years, well, I can’t help you.

Even though Mass Effect 2 launches January 26th 2010, it’s going to feel like one-long-elevator-ride of a wait.