Donメt anybody get too bent out of shape just yet, as no one really knows what this video means.But it seems that a software hacker somehow hacked in to the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 and discovered some new, hidden game modes that aren’t available for us to play yet. The hidden game modes are VIP, One Flag CTF and Global Thermonuclear War. Are they merely remnants from the cutting-room floor, or something else?

Infinity Ward haters obviously think it is [what will become] the first batch of DLC (downloadable content) coming in the near future that weメll have to pay for to unlock.Makes sense, as IW would probably make a bunch of loot releasing it as pay-to-download content.But since itメs already on the $60 disk, maybe itメs just some fan-service that will unlock with a free code in a few weeksナ

No, probably not. But that would be nice.