Like it or not, the era of motion controlled gaming is upon us.ᅠ With a ton of excitement coming out of the Tokyo Game Show, news of the impending motion revolution has risen to the top with a clear message:ᅠ watch out Nintendo!ᅠ Sony announced the first batch of Motion Controller supported games that will be hitting store shelves next spring.ᅠ So far, more than 10 games will lead the charge with plenty more to come, I’m sure (especially with the million-plus new slim PS3’s in peopleメs homes).ᅠ Microsoft, not to be outdone, also announced all of the third-party publishers supporting their own motion device, Natal (no release date as of yet).ᅠ Their announcement was astounding, to say the least, as 70% of third-party game developers were named to be currently working on games.ᅠ This news is indeed proof that motion control gaming is not just a fleeting trend, but is undoubtedly, the future (immediate future, anyway) of gaming.
KontrolFreek wants to know your take on the imminent motion controlled gaming future.ᅠ Do you like the idea of standing and moving around while you play games, or will they have to pry that controller from your cold, dead hands?