In response to a countless number of KontrolFreek Alpha™ super fans, the KontrolFreek Alpha has been given a new blue color treatment.

Still the same grip-enhancing Performance Thumbstick™ you know and love, Alpha was developed for players who need more grip and comfort than OEM PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers can provide.

Adding only 3.6mm of height, Alpha’s big performance comes in our shortest ever, low-rise package. Alpha enhances comfort and grip because of its extra wide thumb surface and non-slip overmold.

It’s great for first and third-person shooters, action/adventure, sports or any other game where you want more comfort and control—Alpha is truly versatile. Simply attach Alpha to your controller’s thumbsticks and continue playing your favorite games. You’ll instantly feel a major improvement in comfort and grip thanks to the concaved rubber pad and low-rise design. It even protects stock sticks from every day wear and tear!

Whether you choose black or the new blue, you’ll never want to play without Alpha.