noobz movie

I’ve always been fundamentally opposed to taking myself too seriously. It’s a trait that is as much of a curse as it is a “quality.” Those who don’t know me very well think I’m a pretty fun and quirky guy. Those that do know me wonder when I’m ever going to grow up (give it up, mom. It’s not happening).

The new indie movie, Noobz suffers from the same syndrome as I do, as it never takes itself too seriously either. It straddles the line between hilarious and insulting sometimes—perhaps depending on your level of involvement in competitive gaming.

For someone who’s merely a casual observer of the eSports scene, you’ll likely laugh without ever questioning the authenticity. But, if you’re someone who’s really serious about eSports and deeply sincere to the culture, you may think that the parody hits too close to home and/or doesn’t capture the sport appropriately. Either way, you’re offended.

A good friend of mine absolutely despises The Big Bang Theory. He despises it not because of the dry humor of one Sheldon Cooper, but because he’s insulted by the stereotyping of the group of which he’s a part of in real life—the nerds, geeks and freaks. I think the show is great regardless, but I can understand where he’s coming from.

Noobz is kind of like that. From a distance it can bring you a little closer to eSports as you laugh at the characters and at the gaming culture. Right up close, it could burn you if you let it. But, if you know how to laugh at yourself and at the culture you’re a part of, you’ll see that the movie isn’t poking fun at your expense; it’s just having a good time while allowing you to laugh right along with it.

Is the movie a spot-on representation of our hobby? No, it wasn’t meant to be. It’s a parody. And there’s some great material there that we as gamers can all relate to. You just need to lighten up and enjoy the ride.

Noobz hits select theaters January 25th and will be available on DVD January 29th.