In anticipation of Spikeメs big Video Game Awards show on 12/12, Bungie has launched its official Halo: Reach website.ᅠ Thereメs not much on the site at this point other than the E3 メ09 trailer that weメve all seen before, some wallpapers and some モIntelヤ items that give you a little (very little) information about planet Reach.ᅠ

Most of the links on the page are locked right now, but check back after tomorrowメs big awards showラwhere Bungie is set to premier the Halo: Reach trailerラfor possibly more content*.

As for me, well, I just canメt wait for that Beta I purchased with my copy of ODST to start.ᅠ Hurry up 2010!

*Checking back right after tomorrowメs show may lead to disappointment, frustration, suicidal thoughts, cats meowing, and non-lubricated robot dances.ᅠ But seriously, Bungie definitely promises more content coming in 2010.