Phantom for Xbox One shipping next week!

xbone proto2

We just received word from our manufacturer that FPS Freek Phantom for Xbox One will start shipping next Monday or Tuesday–a few days earlier than originally anticipated!

Note that this only includes Phantom for Xbox One and doesn’t include Phantom for PS4 or any of the other styles that are available for preorder.

This also means that if you need our FPS Freek thumbstick mods for your new Xbox One controller sooner than later, you should go ahead and preorder Phantom for Xbox One now.

All other styles are still on schedule to ship in early December. You can preorder any of them here.

Happy Xbox One Launch Day!

7 comments On Phantom for Xbox One shipping next week!

  • Michael Strazzella

    I preoredered my FPS CQC the week the Xbox One came out, said they ship Nov. 29th. So why do I still not have them and now I’m reading they ship early December? When is that…? I’m really disappointed.

  • @Michael I preordered the PS3 + PS4 version on 23 Nov. and I only got one pair, so I guess the PS4 and Xbox One will ship later..

  • Is there ANY release date set for the PS4 FPS Freeks? I got the 3 set and I really need to cover up the sticks on my DS4’s considering the grips are starting to rub off and I would like to maintain them just in case I wish to sell in the future. Plus I’m dying to try them out for Ghosts and BF4. Please let us know whats going on..

  • So other people know. I ordered mine on 12/2/2013. According to the tracking number it should arrive on 12/10/2013. So If you have already ordered them I would expect you will get them around there. Atleast for Xbox One

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