PS4 is out, FPS Freeks don’t fit DualShock 4 (Update: They Do!)



UPDATE: As of December 2013, KontrolFreek Products DO fit the DualShock 4. Game on, PS4 users!

Today marks the official launch of the next-generation of consoles (no offense, Wii U). From here forward, next-gen will become current-gen, current-gen will become last-gen and last-gen will become paperweights. And as we scramble to find HDMI selector switches and space under our TV sets for shiny, new black boxes, we’re excited about gaming once again and energized by the cutting-edge-ness of it all. Not that I need to tell you that.

Since the new consoles were announced at E3 2013 we’ve known that our current line of products would not fit either the Xbox One or PS4 controllers. Sadly, both Microsoft and Sony have reduced the circumference of their thumbsticks leaving your favorite FPS Freeks so loose that they fall off over and over again to the point of frustration. Not cool.

To get really specific—Microsoft made the sticks so small that current FPS Freeks don’t even come close to fitting. They just float there, spinning and spinning, taunting you with every rotation.

Sony’s DualShock 4 is a little better but still not right. FPS Freeks will snap on and appear to fit. However, if you’re like me and go hard in competitive online shooters, like say, Call of Duty: Ghosts, they will pop off during intense moments and you’ll lose the gunfight EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s super annoying. I’m super annoyed just talking about it. They don’t fit.

Bottom line: we’re making new FPS Freeks specifically for each console that will fit each controller correctly.

So, for all of us who can’t play without our FPS Freeks, you won’t have to go without for long!

We are now accepting pre-orders for eight next-gen FPS Freeks, scheduled to ship November 29th—only about a week or so after the new consoles launch.

Our first next-gen FPS Freeks include three of our most popular styles including FPS Freek UltraFPS Freek SniprFPS Freek CQC Signature and the new Ghosts-inspired FPS Freek Phantom. All four styles will be available for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One so be sure to select the corresponding option at checkout.

Don’t delay. Pre-order today!

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  • I think they should make special kontrol freeks fo the PS4

  • You guys should make the Vortex available in a next-gen version, because that is by far the best convex FPS Freek I’ve ever used. It’s the only one with good grip (unlike the SNIPR, Legendary Edition, or UltraX).

  • There’s a deal for the fps phantoms that says buy xbox360/ps3 freeks + ps4 freeks for one price of 20$. If I select that to buy will the xbox360/ps3 freeks come with the ps4 freeks together or will it come seperately.
    P.S. They said they are shipping the next gen freeks November 29

  • they don’t fit the dualshock 3 either but that didn’t stop you guys from advertising other wise for years…

    sure they go on the sticks of a dualshock 3. but if you actually try to use the extra movement you rub up against the bevels in the d-pad. at least the ps4 controller is bevel free…

    • I somewhat agree with you about the PS3 but at least they didn’t pop off easily during play. They do on the PS4.

  • Could you guys please design these next gen Kontrol Freeks so that the bottom edges of the clips don’t dig into the face of the controller when you press down hard on the analog sticks? All of my PS3 controllers have a ring cut into the plastic above the left analog stick especially from pressing down and forward hard when sprinting.

  • Please make CQCs for Xbox one. Can’t live without em!

  • I second the request for a next-gen Vortex. I was really excited to try these out when they were first announced, but with a new console just around the corner, my old controllers (and, sadly, my FPS Legendaries) are just going to be gathering dust soon. No point in buying new Freeks for them. I’ll be first in line if you decide to make them for the Xbox One, though.

  • i want to order fps freek phantom for ps4 but i need it before nov 29 and they say that next gen fps freeks will be able to order on nov 29 so if i select in the option ps3 and xbox360 would it work on ps4 or not,,, please answer!!

    • As I said in the post, each new console will have its own version specifically designed for the corresponding controller. Current gen won’t fit (unless you like your sticks to fall off periodically).

  • Don’t let this company lie to you and convince you that current gen kontrol freeks won’t work with next gen, specifically PS4. I have a CQC and Recon set that I used for PS3 and love them. I was sad to see that KF said they will not work. When I got home and unboxed the PS4, I figured WTF, lets try it out. Come to find out that these fit better on PS4 than they did for the PS3. No slipping off, no super glue, nothing. Now be honest with your consumers and tell them the truth. It’s a shame you are trying to con people into buying more products just because you want to jump on the neg gen gravy train. Shame on you KF.

    • You can use your current generation sticks if they work for you. Our test groups weren’t very happy with the way they fit so we are making better fitting versions that attach more securely.

  • Kontrol Freek Supporter

    I agree with Honest Consumer above me. I had the new CQC in my cart for PS4 then I realized the picture looked exactly like the ones I already have besides the awesome looking COD Ghosts inspired Freeks. Low and behold I say eff it and they DO fit on Dualshock 4 with no problem and I’d image they also fit on Xbox One too. Very dishonest of you guys. At least make some new designed Freeks and sale them “specifically for next gen” instead of pretending your current lineup of Freeks don’t work.

  • Another Honest Consumer

    Gotta agree as well with honest consumer. But let me preface it by saying I absolutely love my KontrolFreek CQC’s, only ones I’ve ever had, used them on Xbox 360 and cannot play without them.

    That being said, popped them on my PS4 and they fit like a glove, absolutely perfect. They might even fit better than they did on the 360, but at least as good. No slipping, looseness, etc. Perfect.

    • That’s great! If you have issues with them falling off in the future we will have PS4 specific versions available very soon.

  • Please make more kontrol freeks for dualshock 4s!

  • I think they should make a new one the replicated the new XO sticks! the are hella easy to grip!

  • The only way ANY fps freek is fitting on the xb one is if you super glue it, the analogs are tiny. Patiently waiting for my phantoms now. Thanks fps for being so quick with producing new models as the xb controller is trash without any freeks.

  • I can’t comment on the Xbox One, but my CQC’s fit fine on my DualShock 4. I saved one to try once the PS4 came out, I’ve been using a CQC on my DualShock 4 since release date without a problem. Either I’m extremely lucky or I must of ordered a pair that wasn’t built to spec.

  • The 360 KFs do fit loose on the Xbox One…that’s a certainty. However, a little sticky puddy (meant for hanging pics up on a wall) sandwiched in between makes for a good solid fit.

    I still went for the new Phantoms, though…new controller, new KFs! :-)

  • You should make the PS4 version of it!! I pre-ordered the sniper for PS4 :(
    Can you tell me if it is gonna be produced or not?

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