Is it Friday already?ᅠ Tuesdayメs release of Forza Motorsport 3 has already kept our Xboxメs humming all week.ᅠ With 400+ cars and over 100 tracks, itメs no surprise, really.ᅠ And if that wasnメtᅠ enough, developer Turn 10 also brought back the fantastic paint shop for creating your own custom liveries that you can show-off (or sell) to the world using the new storefront and overhauled auction house.ᅠ So, yeahラthere may be no rest for that little, white space heater any time soon. ᅠ

Oh, and speaking of creating your own custom liveries, one of our good friends, Donnie created the sweet ride you see above.ᅠ Now thatメs showing your KF love!

KontrolFreek wants you to put your creativity to the test.ᅠ Do you have a handle on Forza Motorsport 3メs creation tools?ᅠ Do you think you can design a better モKontrolFreekヤ themed custom car?ᅠ There may be something cool in it for you if you canナ

So stop trying to replicate that silly anime character and get going already!