Hey #FreekNation! You read that right – Ali-A is back!!

You all know YouTube star and Call of Duty® player Ali-A. Today, we are excited to announce your second chance to grab a pair of the  CQC™ Ali-A Signature Edition Performance Thumbsticks™!

CQC Ali-A was such a hit when we launched it last year that it sold out within two weeks. By popular demand, we’re bringing it back and giving you another chance to grab a pair today. So be sure to grab yours before this limited run is gone, too!

The CQC Ali-A thumbsticks were designed in close collaboration with Ali, and feature his signature blue logo on a white base. Like his favorite mid-rise thumbstick, the CQC Signature, CQC Ali-A creates that seamless “in-between” feel with the hybrid convex/concave thumbpad. This gives you better grip and comfort that’s perfect for any player who wants an edge in CoD, other FPS titles or really any game or genre.

But don’t wait or it will be too late! Grab this limited edition thumbstick while you still can and play the Ali-A way!

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know what you think in comments below, and let us know what KontrolFreek/YouTuber collab you want to see next!