Up until recently I have always had a difficult time playing first-person shooters. One might ask me why I have this problem, and the answer to that would be that I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). This disease affects my hands, feet, legs, and arms making them very weak. It is also a disease that gets progressively worse. With that said, playing first-person shooters on my controller is very difficult.

Because of my hand weakness, I hold my controller differently in my right hand than someone else would. I have to position my hand a certain way—with my thumb and index fingers “pinching” the thumbstick—so that I can play. I wasn’t aware that there was anything out there that could potentially better my gaming ability and make it easier and more comfortable to play until I came across KontrolFreek.

When I received my package of the Rcade Freek and FPS Freek Snipr, I was very excited and hopeful that these would be the improvement that I needed to play games better. After trying both the Rcade and FPS Freek Snipr, I found both products helped a lot! The height and convex, “dome” top benefitted me greatly and I was able to do the thumbstick “click” a lot faster and more reliably, which was a problem I had before. I noticed from the first time I put them on that my aim had greatly improved as well. The greater range of motion made it easier to snap on to enemies faster.

Another thing I struggled with was—because of the lower stock stick height—I would constantly hit the ABXY buttons by accident, and that was a big problem for me while playing. The added height of the Freeks makes it so that I do not hit the ABXY buttons accidentally anymore.

I’m still trying to decide which set of Freeks I like the most, but I can definitely say that I highly recommend these products to gamers with or without disabilities.

By: Brent “SwiftyKaos” Clayton