The GIF Evolution of Xbox and PlayStation Controllers

Microsoft and Sony have recently produced two of the finest controllers to ever end up thrown through our television screens in rage, but it’s been a long journey with some awkward moments (Duke, anyone?).

Two GIFs by tech blog GadgetLove show the evolution of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers. It’s pretty awesome.

WARNING: If you listen to Porter Robinson’s Worlds and stare at them long enough you’ll start to cry. Oh, then one of your coworkers will catch you crying and make fun of you for the rest of the week. Be warned.




I always liked “Controller S” for the original Xbox.

What was your favorite iteration?

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  • My favorite was the duel shock 2, I grew up with the ps2 and that was the controller. My friend and I had many memories of playing Star Wars battlefront 2. It was a great childhood

  • I’ve always loved every kontrol freak item thx a lot

  • i bought some vortex kontrol freeks and have been saving up for themfor while and i finally get them and they have a gient cut on them i cant use them im wondering if i can send it back or money back????

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