Back in 2009 when we sold our first Performance Thumbstick™ out of a garage in a small town in Alabama, we didn’t know that our mission to create Performance Gaming Gear™ would revolutionize console gaming and the way we use controllers.
Our goal at the time was simple: create a way to improve the gaming experience through science and ergonomics.
We knew there was an opportunity to increase performance by optimizing a controller’s OEM analog sticks. We knew our products needed to be affordable and easy to install without voiding any manufacturer’s warranty. We also knew that our gear needed to be made in America—by Americans—to ensure quality and durability.
This would eventually lead to the invention of the SpeedFreek™ and FPS Freek®, and with it, we would also invent a gaming gear category, moving attention from just the games we play to the way we play them.
During the Xbox 360 era, first-person shooters like Call of Duty® and Halo made competitive console gaming a thing. But with players looking for any performance advantage, stock controllers could only take you so far. KontrolFreek FPS Freek almost instantly became the go-to for pros and serious gamers. No longer were players’ skills limited by anemic, first-party peripherals and cheap knock-offs created to satisfy a price point.
Now there are more options… but still KontrolFreek’s Performance Thumbsticks stand alone for elevating your game and increasing KDR.


KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks are engineered to deliver maximum precision and accuracy. The durable, two-piece design snaps on to stock thumbsticks, extending your radial lever and giving you up to 136% more range of motion.* This added range of motion gives you greater ability to fine-tune your shot and lessens resistance to make your in-game character’s movements easier to control. With 32% less force needed to manipulate the stick, you can play longer without hand and wrist fatigue or sore thumbs.
Our battle-proven products are designed for durability and provide long-term performance benefits such as improved accuracy, comfort and grip. In fact, 75% of FPS gamers experienced an increase in KDR while using our Performance Thumbsticks.**


Since 2009, we’ve introduced many unique products and a multitude of variations on our tried-and-true Performance Thumbsticks. We truly offer something for every game and every type of gamer. Several of our recent thumbsticks even feature officially licensed, laser etched designs from games like Call of Duty and Destiny.


No matter which KontrolFreek product you choose, there’s no risk to try, as they all come with an industry-leading 30-day money back guarantee.
Find the perfect gear to ELEVATE YOUR GAME with the KontrolFreek Buyer’s Guide.

* 35% Increase in Range of Motion describes FPS Freek height with concave pad for PS4. Increase varies by console platform, thumbpad shape and thumbstick height.
** According to 2015 U.S. survey of FPS Gamers