As an avid Call of Duty gamer, I’ve been following the updates from Infinity Ward on the weapons coming out for Modern Warfare 2. 

The most common weapons used in Modern Warfare are the M16 Assault Rifle and the MP5 SMG.  The M16 is a beast weapon for long range targets but is a little tough to maneuver when in run and gun play.  The MP5 on the other hand is beast up close and not so bad for long range if you can control your cross hairs. 

But here comes Infinity Ward and the Famas… which has been seen in other games like Rainbow Six Vegas 2.  The Famas (Assault Rifle by St-Etienne Arms Factory) is expected to be one of the big hitters in Modern Warfare 2 and myself personally, am looking forward to seeing it in Call of Duty. 

Here are the specs on the Famas and what we have to look forward to in MW2.
Caliber:  5.56mm NATO
Action:  Delayed blowback
Weight: 3.61 kg with empty magazine
Magazine capacity:  25 rounds
Rate of fire:  900-1000 rounds per minute
Effective range:  300 meters
Is this the next M16 for us Call of Duty Players?  We will see…