Our Halo 4 inspired FPS Freek Infinity is set to retire soon, after a great few years of dedicated service. Once the limited stock of these blue baddies runs out, they will never be in production again! NEVER!!!

Did we mention that there are only about 300 of them left?

So, stop procrastinating and start that Halo-inspired KontrolFreek collection with Infinity while you still have the chance. We’ve already retired Legendary and you don’t need any more regrets…

Infinity features a laser-etched design inspired by Halo 4 that’s sure to please fans of the series. Infinity’s thumb surface provides excellent grip and control while its extended stick height (0.45 inches) puts you in total command of your Spartan and makes aiming and strafing much easier during intense multiplayer battles. Infinity is perfect for your right or left thumbstick and is optimized for medium to long-range armaments like the Battle Rifle, DMR and Sniper Rifle.

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