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Win 1 of 5 Ultimate Titanfall Prize Packs!
We’re extra excited for Xbox One’s first real killer app, Titanfall! So, to share our excitement, we are giving away 5 Ultimate Titanfall Prize Packs to 5 lucky fans.

This is your chance to get your hands on a Titanfall Prize Pack which includes a copy of the game, a Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Headset, a Titanfall Limited Edition Wireless Controller, a Tub of Peach Mango G Fuel and an FPS Freek Vortex!

Like we said, we’re pretty excited.


MBoZe first started playing Call of Duty late into Call of Duty 4 with some friends from school in public matches. He started playing more consistently and taking the game more seriously during Call of Duty: World at War. It was at this time that MBoZe found the drive to try and become a professional player.

MBoZe established himself as a solid competitive player during Black Ops 1, which would later set up his success in Black Ops 2. With the release of Black Ops 2, MBoZe established himself as a top player, placing top 8 in every MLG event—including a major upset championship victory against power house, Complexity Gaming (CoL’s only loss in 8 events together).

MBoZe currently resides on OpTic Gaming and is competing this weekend in the U.S. Regional Finals for the Call of Duty Championship.

Be sure to keep up with MBoZe by following him on Twitter.

Introducing KontrolFreek (how they work) with Sik Sensei

Watch, listen and learn as Sik Sensei TK explains a bit of the science behind KontrolFreek FPS Freeks and discusses how they increase your accuracy in games like Call of Duty: Ghosts.

P.S. This guy can snipe like a boss!


via twitter

“I’ve had @KontrolFreek since CoD4 days so I can’t play without them. They’re amazing things to have and use while playing any kind of game”

Put your love of KontrolFreek on display with our new StickerPacks!

We’ve created each of our StickerPacks for the ultimate KontrolFreek fanboy, so you can represent FreekNation in style. StickerPack Classic features the iconic KontrolFreek logo and KF Shield. StickerPack Phantom features artwork from our best-selling FPS Freek Phantom and the KontrolFreek “Wings” design. StickerPack Combo includes both Phantom and Classic.

They are perfect for laptops, tablets, car windows, bumpers, gaming consoles, PCs or anywhere that could use a splash of KontrolFreek pride.

SPECIAL OFFER: Use code KFSPACK14 to get a free StickerPack when you spend $20 or more. Limited to 1st 100 customers.

In case you missed it, our best-selling FPS Freek Vortex is now available for Xbox One & PS4

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