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Kelly “MrsViolence” Kelley

Kelly “MrsViolence” Kelley started playing video games at an early age but it wasn’t until 2005 that she decided to venture into the world of competitive gaming. She set her sights high on becoming one of the best all-around competitive female gamers in the nation. Now, because of hard work, dedication and over 40 regional and national tournament victories, she has earned the ability to call herself exactly that.

Kelly has spent some time in the spotlight, appearing online as well as TV. She was a cast member in SyFy’s first ever season of WCG Ultimate Gamer and then went on to compete (and win) in the YouTube series, The Controller: Battlefield.

MrsViolence is now active on Twitch.TV streaming high-level Call of Duty and League of Legends gameplay with fun commentary.

Be sure to keep up with everything Kelly by following her on Twitter and Twitch.TV.

This Girl is on Fire!
Sniping on Freight with OpTic MiDNiTE

Watch as Ashley, a.k.a. OpTic MiDNiTE gets back to her roots as a sniper in this Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay commentary. Who says girls can’t snipe?


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“Finally got my Xbox One @KontrolFreeks. No more falling off :D”

Clean Freek, Pure Asset Protection

Stop losing battles with greasy controllers!

Keep your gaming gear free and clear of oil and grime buildup with KontrolFreek CleanFreek antibacterial foam cleaner.

CleanFreek is perfect for controllers, mice, smartphones, tablets, monitors and more—just apply a small amount of cleaning foam to the included microfiber cloth and gently wipe until dry.


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